Dongfeng C35 Cargo Van offers ‘big vehicle’ capabilities within compact dimensions

Refreshingly distinctive, the multi-purpose Dongfeng C35 Cargo Van with both back door and side sliding doors for practical loading delivers total operational flexibility for the benefit of a wide variety of business and service organizations. C35 Cargo Van particularly imaginatively designed and full of innovative features, thanks to Dongfeng’s extensive experience in the light commercial vehicle sector. They also provide an exceptionally cost effective – and for many a much more practical – alternative car derived Cargo van models.


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When you choose a work partner, performance is a top priority. Featuring a high-power engine and advanced safety features, the C35 will not let you down.

All-round performers

A long wheelbase and wide track, striking styling.

Practical and versatile, the C range satisfies the demands of the many Saudi operators who need a compact yet spacious vehicle that can be operated equally efficiently in crowded city streets, delivering goods and services, especially to difficult-to-access city locations where loading and parking space is at a premium, performing equally as well on the open road.

Cargo Van provides a capacious load area which is particularly easy to access thanks to sliding sides doors and tailgate. The large load area measures 2,630 mm long and 1,480 mm wide, and again runs the full width of the vehicle and is totally flat and without any wheel arch intrusions.

Efficient performance and quick start-up.

Efficient performance and quick start-up. Maximum output is 100hp/74kW and drive is to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. The modern, clean-running engine has the added bonus of low fuel consumption 7.1 Liter per 100km. Dongfeng power units traditionally have an enviable reputation for durability and reliability, qualities enhanced in the C35 by the use of a high-quality radiator and stainless steel exhaust pipe. Braking is by discs at the front and by drums at the rear. The system provides effective stopping power, whatever the load.

Flexible Engine The C35 Cargo Van is powered by a 1499 cc, four-cylinder engine with 16 valves engine with electric control fuel injection. The engine is designed to reliably support a hard-working and demanding commercial life and provides excellent acceleration and cruising ability. 
High-quality ... made in China Manufactured at Dongfeng’s Wuhan plant in China to exacting quality standards, the C range exemplifies Dongfeng’s unique knowledge of compact vehicle engineering and design and how it is able to provide market leading consumer benefits. 
The C35 is built to be tough. Plenty of protection measures against rust and corrosion prepare you for working in severe conditions, while heavy-duty features add to the all-around toughness.
Heavy-Duty Suspension Underlining the C35’s modern design, MacPherson independent suspension at the front and five-bar rear non-independent suspension at the rear provide a firm and comfortable ride, whilst comparatively large wheels and tires help to provide excellent stability over the widest variety of road surfaces.


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Work Safely

Practical, Comfort and safe as well, C35 is equipped with standard Safety features to protect you while performing your duties and hard work.

Dual Driver and Passenger Airbags Driver and Passenger airbags are standard in All C line vehicles to make sure that safety is our top priority
Active and passive safety The C35 Cargo Van has been designed with driver and passengers safety as an important priority. Confident and reassuring handling is provided by a number of core attributes including its modern suspension design, a relatively long wheelbase and wide stance and a low center of gravity.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Rest assured with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard. It will detect when you need to brake, whether it's during sudden movements or sharp turns, to keep you stable.
Adopt Continental MK100 Latest System. The system integrate : Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Traction Control (TCS).


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Large and fully-enclosed compartment, it can meet the city delivery demand for logistic efficiency and cargo security.

Flexibility in town ... and out

Traffic congestion and accessibility are fully addressed by the C models. Their light weight, compact exterior dimensions, excellent maneuverability, sophisticated suspension and flexible 1.5-litre engine make them ideal for working in the busiest city traffic, in town centers and wherever vehicle access is limited.

This combination of qualities, embodied in a modern, attractive design, also ensures that handling, whether empty or fully loaded, is nimble, precise and reassuring, with the vehicles exceptionally capable of maneuvering adeptly around city locations, through towns, suburbs and villages, and travelling well beyond. Further extending the operational flexibility of the vehicle, a large 55-litre fuel tank is fitted low in the chassis to provide a sensible range, ideal for out of town work.

    Practicality Large wide-opening front doors access the practical, modern and comfortable car-like accommodation and environment provided for the driver and passengers.   The seats of the double cabin pick-up are upholstered in a tough vinyl fabric, while the sculptured C35 seats are equipped with head restraints. 
    Extensive glass areas and large door mirrors provide exceptional all round vision whilst the generous interior space is maximized as a result of the location of the front wheel arches which, unusually, make no intrusion into the cabin. 
    Large-size Bed In order to provide optimum maneuverability, particularly when parking, the C35 Cargo Van is fitted with power steering. Unusually the system is electric, with speed sensitivity, which means that unlike conventional hydraulic power assistance systems which tend to be unsuitable for smaller engine vehicles – there is no reduction in assistance at low engine speeds. 
    Located directly ahead of the driver all the controls and dials are easy to read and simple to use.   Both trip-meter and odometer offer clear information at a glance and the cabin is well-appointed and practical, with handy and convenient stowage areas.


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    Though tough and made for hard work, the Carry is also very comfortable. In addition to the large size cabin and plenty of storage, the C35 equipped with convenience features and mechanical advancements to make driving and work more comfortable.

    Operational flexibility All equipment and standard features, which include central door locking on all doors, a high quality radio/CD player and a large 'built-in' storage tray for oddments, documents and personal items, are designed to ensure optimum driver and passenger comfort. 
    Operational flexibility The up-to-the-minute design endows the C35 Cargo van with all of the attributes of a full sized considerably more flexibility and versatility than all of its car derived competitors.  


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    Distinctive 'big vehicle' presence Halogen headlamps and a large wrap-round bumper, contribute to the C’s on road credibility and presence, whilst there is plenty of space on the body panels to identify and promote the owner’s business. 
    The front bumper and headlamps are mounted high off the ground to minimize the risk of damage when driving on rough roads.
    Protection on Flooded Road While you should avoid driving on flooded roads, the engine air intake is placed in a high position under the cargo bed to allow slow travel through water levels as high as 30 cm, when it is unavoidable.
    Rust Protection Galvanized steel plates are used for the entire bed to help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, sealer and undercoating are used in many parts of the underbody, and the stainless-steel exhaust system is rust-resistant.

    Technical Specifications

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    EngineGasoline 1.5L, Four Cylinders in line, four-Strokes, 100 HP,
    Water Cooling, DOHC, Electric Fuel Injection
    Transmission5-Manual Transmission
    Electric Powered Steering (EPS) ⦿​
    Front SuspensionMacPherson Independent
    Rear SuspensionFive-bar Rear Non-Independent
    Brakes Front & RearDisc / Drum
    Tires185R14 Steel Wheel
    Dimensions (mm) LxWxH4,500*1,680*2,000
    Wheelbase (mm)3,050
    Cargo Dimensions (mm) LxWxH2,630*1,480*1300
    Payload (k.g)820
    Fuel Consumption (L/100km)7.1
    Gross Vehicle Weight (k.g)2,145


    Dual Airbags (Driver and Passenger) ⦿
    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ⦿
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) ⦿
    Traction Control System (TCS) ⦿
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) ⦿


    Radio, USB and AUX Ports ⦿
    2 Speakers ⦿


    Manual Air Condition ⦿
    Power Windows ⦿
    Front 3-Point Seat Belt ⦿
    Driver and Passenger Sun visor ⦿


    Halogen Headlamps ⦿
    Headlamp Height Adjustment ⦿
    Front Fog Lamps ⦿
    Rear Fog Lamps ⦿
    Outside Rear View Mirrors Manual Adjustment ⦿


    Fabric Seat ⦿

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